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Lil Tubby - Summer Time Vibe [prod. Sigma]

Lil Tubby is back! This time with another single titled "Summer Time Vibe". The track is produced by Sigma, this track is supposed to embody the vibe you get in the summer when you're out in Minnesota. [Where Lil Tubby Is From] This track does all of that and more, i really love the beat sigma came with for this song. Lil Tubby showcases a unique style on this track, very trippy vibes from start to finish. Lil Tubby shouts out his city in this song St Paul. Be sure to follow Lil Tubby on SoundCloud and Twitter.

From The Artist:

"Another summer banger! Enjoy the weather and turn this song up LOUD. Tha summer anthem is here. @liltubby60 on Twitter DREADLOCRASTA on instagram. I captured what summer is like here in minnesota but whatever state your from and enjoy the sun turn this Spacefish song on."

- Lil Tubby

Twitter: @LilTubby60 -->

listen to "SummerTime Vibe" below:

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