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Lil Xelly - Jingle Xells

The twelve song project "Jingle Xells" showcases how much work, effort, and time this man puts into this music stuff. His work ethic is incredible and any rapper should be inspired by how much music Xelly drops. Lil Xelly showcases his skills per usual but all these songs from start to finish are BANGERS, don't miss out on this! Lil Xelly links up with the following producers on the project childboyy, callari, tadeo hill, og abi, kapethagoat, crackhead, cash cache, dylvinci, negative, faded black kid, geeohhs, Butta, & Kidpre. Be sure to follow both the artist(s) and the producer(s) on SoundCloud and Twitter to support them!

listen to "Jingle Xells" below:

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