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Lil Xelly - ##MarXell

Lil Xelly explodes with the new project "##MarXell". The project consists of twelve tracks for his listeners. Lil Xelly linked up with many producers for this project including cryjing, Kuru, Taylor Morgan, panic attack, SoMuchSauce, 4evr, Brodinski, KiltKarter, braindeadd, eddiegianni, & oscar100. Favorite tracks on the project include "XrrStyle", "2c4u", "Xelon", "Chris Tucker" &"aka lil frankenstein". Overall this is one of our favorite Lil Xelly projects to date. Every song has some considerable playback and i really enjoyed this project from start to finish. I like the variety of producers he used for the project he blended and tried some new stuff on this project. Be sure to give it a listen on SoundCloud below along with following him on Twitter. This won't be the last time you hear from Lil Xelly.

Twitter: @lilxelly @royalrap__

listen to "##MarXell":

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