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Lil Xelly: #YesXrr2 #YesXrr2

Lil Xelly is back on Royal Rap with one of his latest project (he drops projects all the time and they're all fire) "YesXrr2 YesXrr2". The project is entirely produced by Sparkheem and Spizzledoe, the production is incredible and maneuvers well with Xelly's voice. The four song EP is filled with memorable tracks like ME & COLD SUCKA. The song Vault really showcases Xelly's lyrical ability, he truly is at his best when he is rapping fast. Lil Xelly is one of the best up and coming rappers in the underground with a work ethic thats unparalleled.

Lil Xelly has more projects coming out soon, on his twitter he is always teasing about new upcoming projects where he works with only one exclusive producer. Lil Xelly is on the road to victory if he doesn't slow down with his insane work ethic. Follow Lil Xelly on twitter and soundcloud to support him! @LilXelly

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