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LoyaltySmith315 - Drowning [Album Review]

LoyaltySmith315 brings us his new 20 song project titled "Drowning". The project captivates the mind of the listener as you enter LoyaltySmith315's world. He brings all types of sounds into this project and it really highlights each track as it owns. We have dark slow stuff on here to fast paced hype stuff as well. Any listener will find a couple songs that they can relate too and enjoy for sure. Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter for future music endeavors. Overall i thought this project was very special for LoyaltySmith315, you can tell from everything he talks about. My favorite songs off the project are broken, mama said, i don't wanna die, love for my hood, & i don't love you. This project really can touch someone's soul, his song mama said really spoke to me, he showcases he is a real authentic artist rapping about his day to day life. I promise you to give this album a chance and to give a thorough listen, i think you will be very impressed.

Twitter: @loyaltyprodUSA & @1999wcd

listen to "drowning" below:

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