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Manny Balenciaga - PM X

Manny Balenciaga links up with producer Pepe for the djlackswag exclusive titled “PM X”. This track is super cloudy with the production using unique pads and synths throughout the track. Manny comes solid with great lyrics and delivery throughout the song. The song is hosted by Texas native djlackswag. Manny will continue to impress me if he can continue to release tracks like this, not really in anyones lane besides his own for real. Manny will have a big year in 2019, just keep dropping gems G. This track is really different and i like it, can't wait to play it in the whip later tonight. Be sure to follow Manny & Pepe & DJlackswag on twitter and soundcloud for more music updates in the future.

listen to PM X below: 

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