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Mike Love - The West (Freestyle)

Mike Love makes his debut onto Royal Rap with his new song "The West" (Freestyle). The songs talks about him being from the east coast (New York, Queens) and living on the east coast his whole life. Fast forward some years now and Love is living on the west coast. LA to be exact, he connected with a lot of people while living out in LA and is just taking you through a day with him through the city of LA & why he loves living on the WestSide. Mike Love also touches on his new project that hes working on. Its Dropping in 2019 so be on the lookout.

As for the song he brings great delivery and follows up with solid production. The track is mixed and mastered very well which captures Love's voice efficiently. I think this is an amazing song and I can't wait to hear that project he mentioned about!

Listen to "The West" below:

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