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OnDeck - Scars

"scars. Is more than anything, a depiction of a mindset. Its the idea of feeling indestructable, while feeling like you may self destruct. With alternative, industrial style production and sharp, catchy flows to deliver the message of the song. This bridges the gap from my the last OnDeck project "ENIGMA", and serves as a great segway to my newest material, featuring more self production, many collaborations, and more frequent releases."

Artist OnDeck links up with producer PHARAOH for the new single "Scars". OnDeck's unique flow paired with a strange eerie beat brings a dark ambient vibe. From the cover art to the production by Pharaoh the artist OnDeck pairs all these together. Be sure to follow OnDeck on Twitter and SoundCloud for future releases by the artist. Don't sleep on this artist OnDeck, although this is just the start for him as an artist, I'm excited to see if he can capitalize on more releases in the future.

listen to "scars" below:

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