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oneybars - Above [Prod. Chandler]

I have come across plenty of growing talent in the soundcloud community over the past couple months. At this rate it's very hard to keep up with so many different unique artists making their own waves within the soundcloud underground. Today i have stumbled across an artist who goes by oneybars after checking out his soundcloud i was hooked. With tracks like lyrics, angel, & gassed up i only just got started. For the past 3 months oneybars has quite the catalogue of music that is super slept on. My favorite track i found was the one I'm covering today titled "Above". This song is only four months old so its still relatively new in my eyes. With help from producer Chandler he was able to really come clean with this one. I love it from start to finish and out of all his songs this one really stuck with me the most for sure. I suggest you to take a listen and make an opinion for yourself but i promise you won't be disappointed. Be sure to follow him on twitter and soundcloud for future music updates.

Twitter: @oneybars

listen to "Above" below:

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