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Rayless - Parallels

Rayless brightens our feed with a project titled "Parallels". From start to finish this kept my attention and it only brought great sounds throughout listening to it. I encourage this for anyone who is looking for some music to enjoy.

from the artist:

I wanted to show different sides of my music with this new project, incorporating RnB, electronic and hip hop elements. As a producer I focused on creating a chill and emotional vibe mainly writing about love but also making introspective tunes. The title is inspired by the idea of parallel lines compared to the idea of an unreachable love: being close to the person you love, sharing the same memories and feelings but not being able to stay together is like two parallel lines, they go on in the same direction, but they never touch. I think this project represents well my musical style and aesthetic, as a singer, as a producer and as a writer.

listen to the project "parallels" below:

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