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Ree Santana - Pain & Vibes

Ree Santana

"Pain & Vibes"


Ree Santana is back on Royal Rap with his latest project titled "Pain & Vibes". From the gecko this project brings such a vibe to any listener who steps in this albums path. The first song Will Smith is excellent and a real anthem by all means that showcases Santana's skill on the mic to perfection. He really came with the bars for that song. Will Smith is most definitely my favorite song off this entire seven song project. Other notable tracks you need to take a couple listens to are "Summers Over, In The Cut, & No Other Place". All these songs really stuck out to me and can vary in content for the listener so they have different options to choose from. I promise off this project you will like at least 1-3 songs, the mix/master on all these tracks are outstanding. The production is clean and leads the way for Ree Santana to go about taking care of business. Be sure to follow him on both Soundcloud and Twitter.


Twitter: @ReexSantana

listen to "Pain & Vibes" below:

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