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RewindRaps - Unpopular Celebrity

RewindRaps releases the new project "Unpopular Celebrity". The project is ten songs in total, each capatialzing on the unique sound rewind raps brings to the table every time. I gave this entire project a listen earlier today and i was really impressed. My favorite songs off the project include Back Up 3, Rewind Cruise, They Hated Jesus, 10k Up, & 3 Pills. Each song captivates the listener with an interesting blend of melodic sounds..Thrillboybeats, doodooloodoo, Lj, goyxrd, xangang, oscar100, charlie shuffler, mixed matches, captain crunch, & jake sand beats are all producers who played a role in this projects production. Each song is unique and has a blend of styles from all the producers, countless songs on this project have multiple producer credits. Be sure to follow RewindRaps on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Twitter: @RewindRaps @RoyalRap__

listen to "Unpopular Celebrity" below:

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