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shotbois - lonely hearts

new jersey duo shotbois (@shotbois) brings us their latest two track ep titled "Lonely Hearts". The autotuned overly drowsy ep will bring you through the minds of the shotbois. With song "Pretend" contemplating if everything is worth it, while demons and thoughts haunt both shotbois throughout the song. "Angels always keep em right beside me, hoe she call me up she wanna cry to me!". The hook for Pretend is infectious with a great guitar rhythm from legendary producer Charlie Shuffler. (@CharlieShuffler). On the second song off the project "One Day (Crepe)" brings a completely different vibe to the table. The last offering showcases a muddy distorted vibe that will keep you wanting more throughout the song. The shotbois are from New Jersey and have no signs of slowing down. Be sure to check out other great projects by the shotbois like "Mimosa Music". The shotbois are on their way up especially if they keep putting out projects like "Lonely Hearts". Lonely Hearts by the duo is my favorite two tracks i've heard from the Shotbois and i hope they continue to make more music like this in the future. Follow @shotbois on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Be sure to listen to the two song EP "Lonely Hearts" below:

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