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Snow - Benny Yang Ft. MoGod

His name is Kevin Nieves aka Snow. He grew up in Cleveland Ohio but was born in San Juan Puerto Rico. Something about him ? Well he is a person of passion. Everything he does is with passion from work to his music. But he also tends to stay low key and to himself. Writing Music really didn’t come in to his life until the end of 2017. He started getting serious about it in the beginning of 2018 it kinda of clicked and he knew he wanted this to be one thing he could do in life.

Now Benny yang on the other hand is a song he wrote that brings light to a lot of cultural and political events and Endeavors that we are enduring today. Benny Yang is described to be anything that’s not a need in life including an object or person.

Watch the music video for "Benny Yang" below:

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