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Spa Boys - Scooby Doo Mystery

Spa Boys come through with the new single "Scooby Doo Mystery". The song name and hook is very clever with a lot of words you would find from Scooby Doo. The hook is infectious to the ears and leads the way for all three artists go about bringing damage to this track. Nilsss2k is on production for this track and i really like what he did with the beat from the drums and melody it lays the base for the rappers to go about killing it. Be sure to follow all artists who are apart of this on both SoundCloud and Twitter. Pachino, Labonte, and Money Mic each lay their own style for this track that encompasses what their group spa boys is all about. Overall i loved this track, i loved the heavy effects on their vocals as it really went well with the beat that they chose. You will be hearing more from the Spa Boys in 2019, i will keep my ears open for any new songs by them and will of course share. Take a listen below you won't be disappointed.

listen to "Scooby Doo Mystery" below:

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