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Stacy Money - I Swear I Care </3

Stacy Money is one of the best up and coming artists in the scene. His new project "I Swear I Care" proves this, as every track on this project is a hit. Dive into Stacy Money's drugged out world, where he pairs clever rhymes and flows with exceptional beats. Stacy Money continues to showcase his own style and unique ability to stay ahead of the curve. The New Jersey native can be found out in California, where he grinds constantly and has no signs of slowing down when it comes to music. Producers on this project include k30, 1chai, nate, pagez, killakellz, jetskiii, falsecut, & ragu. Artwork for the project is done by artist Kodone. Be sure to follow Stacy Money on Twitter and SoundCloud below!

Twitter: @cokestasy @royalrap__

listen to "I Swear I Care" below:

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