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Stacy Money: Sober

Stacy Money brings us three new tracks in his new work of art titled "Sober". The collection brings us your usual from Stacy, yet every time Stacy Money drops new music the replay value goes up for me as a fan. I really think the next couple drops from the new jersey native will help bring him into a new spotlight that he truly deserves. My favorite song out of the three were "play" with his clever flow and the beat went incredible with his flow. Stacy Money works exclusively with a select few, which brings out the best in his music. His choice of artwork and producers always impresses, his elite status with a growing eleven thousand followers on soundcloud. This alone showcases Stacy has no signs of slowing down for the future. Stream the entire project below and be sure to follow the artist and affiliates on twitter.

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ARTIST: STACY MONEY (@cokestasy)



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