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  • Vallie

Stacy Money - The Blue Album

Stacy Money releases "The Blue Album". Fifteen tracks of that lovely Stacy Money sound that people can't get enough of. This album shows progression and a strong lyrical presence from Stacy Money that separates him in his own lane. Producers on the album include 1chai, cor blanco, K30, Tweaker, falsecut, capcrunchbeats, mochilla, ragu, xanboy, lxnelyboy,& deemed. Favorite tracks off the album include Advice, Cya, Stargazing, & Kodone 1/1. Every track captivates that Stacy Money sound to a T. Be sure to follow him on both Twitter and SoundCloud linked below.

Twitter: @cokestasy @royalrap__

listen to "The Blue Album" below: