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Stacy Money: Ratchet Romance

New Jersey native Stacy Money (cokestasy) releases his newest project titled "Ratchet Romance" I have been keeping up with Stacy Money for a couple years now and this is by far his best project to date. Ratchet Romance hosts twelve unique songs to the ear that will have you constantly replaying some again and again. Stacy Money also features artists 2kthagoon, isaiah, & good intent on the project, blending styles and flows with them to bring out some stellar tracks. Producers that Stacy Money linked up with for the project include Yung Guapo, Dollie, Dezkilledit, Dylvinci, zJakkies, Ragu, Xanboy, JBands, Captain Crunch, Brentrambo, 2C, Eera, & Sky. Stacy Money has no signs of slowing down for the future, be on the lookout for this heavy hitting artist for years to come.

Stream the project below off of Soundcloud. Be sure to follow Stacy Money on twitter & soundcloud for updates on his music and future endeavors. (@cokestasy)

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