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Summrs - Isolation

"Isolation" by Summrs showcases all the progression we see in Summrs. This project solidifies his spot as one of the best in the SoundCloud scene at the moment. With fifteen tracks to enjoy, any listener will find a selection of tracks for their enjoyment. Summrs is an artist i've been listening to for well over a year now, he has had much success. I will continue to showcase his raps, he is one of my favorite artists to listen to at the moment. Completely in his own lane with a rare sound that capitalizes on his unique cadence and voice. Favorite tracks off this album include Slay Party, Me, Horses, & Ya Style. Overall this is my favorite Summrs project to date. Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

Twitter: @summrsxo @royalrap__

listen to "Isolation" below:

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