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SupremeLouie - Walked In The Club // Off The Drugs [Prod. Haba]

SupremeLouie makes his debut on Royal Rap with the hit single "Walked In The Club // Off The Drugs". The track is a straight banger that is produced by HABA. SupremeLouie showcases his unique style with a clever flow throughout this track! Our first track hearing from SupremeLouie truly blew us away, we can't wait to hear some new music from this young artist. We hope to either see some more singles from him in the next couple months or maybe a full blown project! Either way SupremeLouie will continue to be on our radar. Be sure to follow SupremeLouie on both SoundCloud and Twitter that are linked below.

Twitter: @SupremeLouie @RoyalRap__

Listen to "Walked In The Club // Off The Drugs" below:

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