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SxberBlu - Lost In The Snow [Album]

The album by SxberBlu "Lost In The Snow" is truly captivating an invites the listener into a multitude of styles and genres in just one album. SxberBlu is angelic on his track "heaven with you" which is a great introduction to the entire album. I love the hook and his verses compliment the production very well. This was one of my favorites off the entire album and is a great listen for anyone who is a first time listener of SxberBlu. "Oni Angel" seems to be an anthem type track that brings us his Sxber's heavily FX voice with similar production to the first track. BROPHIE features on the third track and really compliments the track well and adds a new voice to the album. I like the fact they both go back and fourth throughout the track. The fifth track "Lost In The Snow" was defiantly my favorite track out of the entire album, i love not only the hook and beat for this track but both his verses are great. He really tells a captivating story on each of his tracks that makes you wanting more, and the way his voice is projected and sounds just makes it that much better! Some people aren't big fans of autotune and heavy FX on vocals by i am, i think it sometimes can really transform a track. Other notable tracks on the album i loved were the other two songs with features "Torture Me" with RipJosh and "Malfunction" with ReaperX. All the tracks on this entire album were great but i wanted to highlight my favorites throughout the review. Be sure to follow all the artists who were involved with this album as they all did a phenomenal job.

listen to "Lost In The Snow" below:

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