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Taj BLACKSHEEP Mahall brings us his new five song project titled "airWAVES". The project from start to finish is consistent and showcases the artists talents in rapping. He surely will be on our website for future releases as he is in his own lane and continues to impress. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and SoundCloud.


"My name birth name is Tahij Roberson my artist name was (T-wreck) when I started but me evolving with music it is now (Taj Mahall) I been making music for quite some time now since 2009. I started making beats in 2014 my producer name is (BLACKSHEEPBEATS) reason why it is that name because I am the black sheep of my family and me making beats was another outlet to transmit my negatives into sound and escape stress/depression. I also mix and master write my own lyrics pretty much to everything on my own. 2013 was the year for me the underground wave took over my mind literally and i loved everything about it from BLACK KRAY the whole GOTH MONEY to XAVIER WULF, BONES, CHRIS TRAVIS, POUYA, UGLY MANE the whole RAIDER KLAN wave era etc...Long story to keep it brief I feel like im not in my prime yet because I still have a whole lot to talk about as far as me rapping and producing. Recently this year starting from January to this current date my homie DIGITAL FINGO (you might know him) gave me and my other homies a challenge to drop mixtapes month to month on some Curren$y shit so pretty much drop a project every month to show consistency and good music all the way to December and I have been doing it ever since. It is a hard task to do but I love making music so much I was willing to do so because like WHY NOT? So recently I dropped a EP called “airWAVES” and I feel like it’s my best work so far up to date. I appreciate all my work but this one is different for me idk why but I love how it came out and all the plays and feedback (which I never really got before) im getting is very special to me. Each project I drop every month I feel like it gets better with time, consistency and perfecting my craft. I’m hailing from the DMV (Northern Virginia) I feel like I’m a legend/underdog in this rap shit (not to be cocky) but because I seen so many changes and artists go through waves and me and homies stuck to what we know and it’s still why we are still able to make content relatable fun music. I don’t get the recognition I don’t deserve probably because I don’t have a video out yet or people don’t fuck with the sound but I’m confident enough to keep pushing until the right ears come across the music or whatever visuals I do put out. Keeping everything with a concept always been my thing and I know the difference between good music and trash music. So hopefully me working with you now even in the future gravities towards other listeners because the more support I get the harder I go so I can see changes and more things to talk about in my life or relatable content for everybody else to feel or hear. I do have a bandcamp with my discography of music so you can see and hear the growth in my music in audio format (which I need to update) it’s if you wanna check it out for yourself and yeah that’s it any more questions you wanna add bro just lmk im willing to answer anything."

Twitter: @_Mahall @RoyalRap__

listen to "airWAVES" below:

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