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TayTheGreat - Splash 2.0

TayTheGreat makes his Royal Rap debut with his infectious track titled "Splash 2.0". JakeBreh is on the production for this song, which brings a sample that you may know. TayTheGreat hook on this song is basic but it goes well with the verses. His verse brings you through a chapter of Tay's life explaining different things happening and going on.

From The Artist:

This isn’t like any of the tracks I’ve made in the past , I just freestyle’d and had fun making this song. It’s a song just to get people hype and I thank a young producer “Jakebreh” for making this beat for me. I plan on getting my art noticed. So that I’m able to work with more producers that are on the rise I just love HipHop, making music is a hobby to me.  -TayTheGr3at 

Listen to the entire song "Splash 2.0":

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