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The Realist G - Interview

1. Tell us your rap name and where are you from?

I am "The Realist G" all the way from Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

2. What made you start making music?

Growing up in a broken home, parents divorced, back and forth between a bunch of different homes, and saw a whole lot of shit I wasn't supposed to see at a very young age. I guess these are some of the things and experiences that changed me and evidentially led to me secluding myself. I briefly touched on it in my single called "Face/Off' when I said "Flip the switch I have no controller, these are effects when you plug the wrong cord in. So many faces you would say I play Hold'em, never ask why I gave enough warning" To get back to the question, I spend most of my time in my room just tryna get away from everything that was happenin' around me and that's where I discovered my love for music. It also kinda kept me outa trouble even tho I almost always still ended up in and with trouble. When I heard Eminem's music for the first time and here's this guy rappin' 'bout similar typa shit that I was goin' through at the time, I was just like damn... The more my voice began to fade away with everything that was happenin' around me and in my life the more I felt the urge of freeing myself and articulating my story to the world. I've always had this feeling of being destined for more. So I started writin' and makin' music.

3. Who are your influences in rap?

Jay Z, J Cole, Eminem, 50 Cent, DMX, and at a later stage I started listening to a lot of Hopsin, and Juice Wrld. With that bein' said in no way am I saying that I sound anything like 'em but I will say that my influences came from the greats

4. What is your take on the underground rap scene right now?

There's definitely a phenomenal shift in the game especially on the underground rap scene. A lot of young, talented, hungry new artists that's on the come up. Without a doubt, there's no shortage of undiscovered gems all over the show.

5. As an artist who has to compete with thousands of others for streams/plays, what makes your music worth people clicking on?

I've always been a man of integrity, morals, values, codes, and principles. I don't believe in wasting words and creating hoop di do blah typa music and cause of that I have a very strong belief in keeping my music real and authentic. It's all about the message, the vision, and what I stand for. I have a lot to offer as I'm a versatile songwriter with a wide range of skills that I haven't showcased yet, and why wouldn't you want to get on board the journey of an independent artist from the jump.

6. You have 1 person to thank, who would it be?

Gotta be my wife, no doubt about that.

7. What is your process for recording music ?

Honestly, it's different with every single project but some of the key points remain the same. It normally starts with the vision, concept, or beat. I'll then listen to the beat a couple of times, mumble over the beat, finding the pockets, figuring out the flow that I'd wanna go with. I'll then grab a pen and pad and start jotting, stacking words, rhymes and so on. Once I got the puzzle figured out I'll write a couple of versions. I'd then put the final version together and once I'm happy with it I'd lay down the vocals in my home studio. I'll then do a "rough" mix of what I'd like the song to sound like. For the next couple of days, I'll listen to the track back to back, making necessary changes, and once I'm convinced I'll send it over to one of the best engineers in Los Angeles.

8. Any upcoming projects or singles fans should be getting ready for this year?

Yeah, I'm droppin' a freestyle called "Fryday" on the 15th of April. I've got loads of new music lined up for the rest of 2022 but I'm still figuring out the release dates. I usually drop a single every 8 weeks.

9. What keeps you motivated and on path towards your goals for music?

My wife and my kids yo. That's all I've got. I owe this to them and every single broken kid and person out there, every "Corner Kid." Music is my passion, this is what I love and where I find peace. This is therapy and I've got a story to share with the world that the world needs to hear. I need this and there ain't no way around it. It's gone happen sooner or later, cause I've already "seen" it even though there's still a very long way to go. This is my legacy.

10. What impact do you want to have on the world?

I'm all about authenticity, being yourself, being different, staying true to yourself, and youth empowerment. Mental health and suicide awareness are both topics that are personally very close to my heart. Crushing the stigmas that society created and had us brainwashed with for far too long is also on top of the list. With that being said I might not be able to change the world but I can do my part one song at a time and as a collective, that might encourage and empower others and overall spark the change that "we" so desperately need.

11. What's your best collaboration experience with another artist or producer?

Besides back in the day on unreleased music, and recently with Slim Spitta I haven't collabed with artists as much. I'm more focused on my own thing than tryna collab with anyone. There's a time and a place for everything and I don't believe that it's of any importance or even on my priority list atm.

12. Who does all of your cover art or do you make your own?

I do all of em myself. I believe in all-round art.

13. Who makes most of your beats or production?

Trunxks, Riddick X Beats, Sogimura, Jammy Beatz, and Tellingbeatzz are some of my go-to producers. It all depends on the typa vibe and sound that I'm looking for at the specific moment.

14. What can we expect next from you in 2022?

Mainly just releasing new music at a consistent pace throughout the year. At this stage I'm focused on puttin' the work in, developing and improving on my craft, getting my music out to the correct audiences, and growing the fambase and brand.

15. Link the fans to your Twitter & Instagram @ Below so they can follow you!

Twitter @iamtherealistg and Instagram, same story @iamtherealistg

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