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Tuke Lenkku - NI6HT [prod. CairoFinzi]

Tuke Lenkku brings about an entire vibe with his new track titled "NI6HT". The track is produced by CairoFinzi and I love the way Tuke took his voice on this one. I want to hear more tracks like this in the future by him. I love how he made his vocals super deep its a new way and could maybe even be an alter ego on the track for Tuke. This is actually my favorite track by Tuke i have heard, i hope he can make more songs that are similar to this in the future. I also think he should keep going in this direction with any new songs he may make in the future. Be sure to follow him on both SoundCloud and Twitter for future music endeavors.

listen to "NI6HT" below:

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