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Tuke Lenkku - Tuke Is Like

Tuke Lenkku brings us the new song "Tuke Is Like", an extrodianty well rounded track that will leave any listener wanting to hear more by Tuke. Hailing from Cleveland Ohio Tuke had this to say about the track."This is special to me because it’s a very good intro look to me as a person and as an artist. The idea came to me when listening to Nas is like. The hook and beat is a sample from what’s the difference by dr Dre off chronic 2001 one of the first rap songs I ever heard in fact. Video is being edited and expected to come out before the new year ." Tuke Lenkku is a rare artist that brings about different vibes in his music. Be sure to go about following him on SoundCloud and Twitter.

listen to "tuke is like" below:

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