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Van Buren - Matter

Van Buren is back and better then ever with his latest single on SoundCloud titled "Matter". The banger showcases his skills as he can work well with any style in the rap/hip-hop genres. We will be sure to cover more tracks by him in the future if he keeps dropping gems like this. Overall he does a great job not just on his verses but also on the hook as well. Van Buren is clearly getting better and better with every track he puts out. The effects on his voice aren't over the top and compliments the beat and his cadences on it nicely. I love the way he was able to maneuver around the beat. Be sure to follow him on both SoundCloud and Twitter. This will not be the last time you hear from Van Buren expect him back up on the site very soon! For now go take a listen to his track on SoundCloud and show him some love.

Twitter: @itsvanburen

Listen to "Matter" below:

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