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vision4k - regret

Vision4k brings us his new project titled "Regret". The five song project is a perfect representation of what vision4k embodies as an artist. My favorite songs off the project is 'i give up' and 'hopeless'. Hopeless really connected to me, throughout the song you get chills on the topics he goes on about. Vision4k does an excellent job drawing in the listener through his clever rhyme schemes along with the different subjects he talks about throughout his music. Production on the project comes from ginseng, eqmadeit, fadedblackkid, trap phones, and eris. This is my favorite body of work by Vision4k and this truly is just the beginning. There is much more to come from this rising artist, be sure to stay on the lookout for more music by him before the year ends.

Be sure to follow Vision4k on both Twitter and SoundCloud.

Listen to the entire project "Regret" below:

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