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wa55up - LEDBELLY

Come and explore the body of work by wa55up (@_wa55up_) titled "LEDBELLY". wa55up takes you deep into his mind with different unique sounds that has a very high replay value. Tracks that stood out to me were "brand new", "parlay", & "pink". wa55up has a unique voice that he uses with precision on each futuristic 808 beat he plays around with. wa55up uses many different FX on his voice which creates a sound to the ears which is rare. I truly felt as though i was in the mind of wa55up, each song is unique in its own way making each song truly different from one another.

wa55up truly has a great body of work in its entirety of LEDBELLY, all nine songs will leave you wanting more.

Stream the project below off of Soundcloud. Be sure to follow wa55up on twitter & soundcloud for updates on his music and future endeavors. (@_wa55up_).

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