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YNB 201 - i tried to kill myself on xanax

New Jersey Native YNB 201 aka @therealslimcris releases his three song EP “i tried to kill myself on Xanax”. The dark undertone of this three song ep will stay with you showcasing different sides of YNB 201. Production for the EP comes from PoloBoyShawty, SHOKI, & MIIIKXY. Each song has its own flare and will truly impress anyone who gives the opportunity to listen. Be sure to follow YNB 201 on twitter (@therealslimcris) and on SoundCloud. 

YNB 201 Explains The EP.

a couple months back, i was in a very dark place. i was abusing drugs to escape my problems. this EP is for anyone going through a tough time, anyone who feels like they want to end it all, or anyone who doesn't have the strength to keep pushing. life is worth living. i want anyone who listens to this EP to feel like they can keep on going no matter how hard the circumstances. i want people to hear my story and learn from it. don't take life for granted like i did and be grateful for what you have. - @therealslimcris

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